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Updated: Oct 13

My name is André but you can refer to me as Andrew. I'm a content creator! I'm on the grind to one day be able to put all my focus on content creation. I love streaming, meeting new people, be inclusive and share some funny moments with me and my friends! Come hang out ;))

Twitch: MinusAxis_

How's it going all my streamer name is ItsLanky115 my normal name is Kieran.

I’m a professional musician who streams when not gigging or rehearsing,

I mostly play Rocket League, Call Of Duty, Dayz and a mix of arcadey/indie titles.

I would love to become a professional content creator alongside my music bringing my livestreams on the road with me when touring, giving my viewers a variety of content.

A bit about me personally. I'm 25 years of age. I'm really rather tall and I guess I fit into the alternative bracket. I have LD’s which i won't go into too much but i don't let that stop me from having fun and having a laugh.

I will say one thing about my streams and that they are for mature audiences. The humour isnt going to be for everyone and there is swearing.

Twitch: ItsLanky115

Hey, I'm shum, my real name is Adam, I'm one of the younger content creators of team HXG.

I like to think I am a fairly decent simracer as I can find what the limit of grip is quickly for simracing I usually turn to either Assetto Corsa or F1 games. On top of that I play a lot of FPS games, currently mainly siege, I like to stream once or twice per week but you know how school tends to be. Also I'm a massive fan of irl racing as well, mainly F1 but I sometimes do watch series like WEC, Porsche Supercup and such.

Twitch: shum_420

TikTok: shum_420ttv

YouTube (I rarely post anything there but if I get some nice clips, at some point I might edit them to some nice music): Adam Gądek

Hey, I'm Correyy and I'm 19 years old. I've been playing Rainbow Six Siege since Shifting Tides and I'm really enjoying the game. I'm also a content creator for TeamHXG and I'm very grateful for that. I really enjoy playing this game with friends or with my team. I like to say what my mates should do in the match when no one else does it, so-called ingame leader. I am currently playing Platinum 3-2 but aim to play Platinum 1 or Diamond. That's all you should know about me Peace

Yo, I'm Miitto, drinking my tea over here in Britain in the rain. I only started Siege in Grim Sky (Year 3) but I've quicly skipped up the ranks, absorbing all the tech, strats and freebies I can (Macie Jay be my hero). I've always put alot of time into learning how the game works beyond just clicking heads and I'm willing to pass on what I've collected over the years.


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